Termites are quite often referred to as White Ants. However ants and termites are very different in structure and habits.

White ants, or rather termites, cause millions of dollars damage to Australian homes every year. If left untreated they can leave your most prized asset uninhabitable.

Don’t risk it. If in doubt about whether you have white ants or just normal ants, contact our experienced pest technicians. Call Jim’s today on 131546 and we’ll discuss your concerns with you.

What to do if you think you have White Ants

Ants can certainly be an annoying and very common household pest. They appear in droves at the first sight of a food scrap.

An ant issue is certainly nothing compared to the destructive and financial implications of a termite infestation.

The most important thing to remember, if your think you have located white ants, is DO NOT disturb them. Disturbing white ants can often cause them to leave the active area and spread further to other locations. This can make it harder for us to locate and treat. It also means they can possibly do more damage to a wider variety of areas.

Another common mistake is to spray fly spray or fuels over the active area. This again can cause the termites to spread more rapidly.

If white ants are located you should cover the exposed area with a towel or tape. Then contact your local Jim’s franchisee as soon as practical. We’ll talk you through the process and give you some treatment options.

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What are your white ant treatment options?

Your treatment options will vary greatly depending on the species of white ant and where exactly they are active in your home.

We have a variety of direct treatments for active areas including;

  • Baits
  • Foams
  • Dusts

We will often recommend the installation of perimeter treatments such as chemical barriers, physical barriers and underground replenishment systems. These system are great for the long term protection of your home.

What does white ant treatment cost in Darwin?

The cost of white ant treatments varies as much as the treatment and chemical options themselves.

At Jim’s we will happily provide free quotes on all our treatment options. Generally a short visit to your home will give us all the information we need to provide you with your options.

We can tailor a treatment to suit anyone’s situation and budget.

Worker White Ant
Flying Termite

The importance of regular white ant inspections

Australian standard AS.3660 recommends that as a minimum every house should have a full visual termite inspection on an annual basis.

It is also recommended that some houses deemed high risk may need to be inspected multiple times per year.

You can rest assured when leaving your visual inspection to a Jim’s Termite and Pest Control franchisee.

Our fully insured, police checked, qualified technicians have the most up to date technology and techniques at our disposal. This insures we have the best chance to find any termite issues throughout your home.

Don’t leave the structural integrity of your most prized asset in doubt. Contact Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin on 131546 or via the contact form here and let us solve your white ant problems.