At Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin, we take our approaches to cockroach control very seriously.

Cockroaches are extremely good at finding small cracks and crevices to hide and breed. You may be only seeing one or two cockroaches, but this could be an early indication that your house is on its way to an infestation.

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The key to effective cockroach control is thorough investigation

Unfortunately, the tropical climate of Darwin provides the perfect breeding ground for cockroaches.

We start our cockroach treatments with a very thorough inspection of your home. This to locate every possible crack and crevice where the cockroaches could be breeding.

Looking through your roof void to wall cavities, kitchen sink to bathroom vanity, finding the location of their hiding places. Identifying the species of cockroach is just as important as the chemical application.

We have a variety of applications, from dusting, to baiting, to surface sprays, to attack cockroaches at their source, and keep them away from your home longer.

Cockroach control Darwin

Do you know how many cockroach species there are in the world?

There are around 3500 species of cockroaches worldwide. About 10 species have managed to make a serious infiltration into our homes and living spaces.

They can find food and shelter in almost any environment and surroundings. These nocturnal creatures have become extremely adaptive.

Commercial kitchens in particular can be home to hundreds if not thousands of unseen cockroaches.

Disease Carrying Cockroaches

Health risks to your home and business

As their reputation suggests, cockroaches are responsible for the spread of a wide variety of diseases. The importance of early action and control is critical for the health and well being of your home, family, business and customers.

Cockroaches have been known to dwell in environments full of diseases harmful to humans. For example:

  • Sewers
  • Drains
  • Toilets
  • Grease traps
  • Other sources of polluted water

Health risks to your home and business

Cockroaches can contaminate food products, plates and utensils. They may leave eggs, droppings and vomit throughout your kitchen and cabinetry.

Where larger infestations exist, an extremely unpleasant odour may be present, mainly stemming from the faeces and vomit of the cockroach.

In many cases, these secretions are also known to bring out allergic reactions and skin irritations in certain people. They may even cause asthma attacks in asthmatics.

Don’t DIY cockroach control; leave it to the experts

There seems to be endless amounts of cheap, quick fix cockroach control products on the market today.

Time and time again, Jim’s Pest Control Darwin is called into places where everything has been tried, and everything has failed.

Our products have been tried and tested by our many franchisees Australia wide. They have been tested under a variety of climates and conditions.

We have a wide range of products available that will suit any environment and situation, such as gels, baits, dusts and surface sprays

Our faith in these products also enables us to offer some of the best service warranty periods in the industry.

Cockroach extermination FAQs

How much does cockroach control cost?

Cockroach control pricing can vary on the severity of your infestation, size of your property, and the species of cockroach to be treated. Basic one-off preventative treatments can start as low $99. Heavy infestations that require multi treatments may be as much as $330. Chemical selection can also affect the price of treatments.

Why are there suddenly so many cockroaches in my house?

Cockroaches can have population explosions for various reasons. You may have attracted them into your home via a food source or introduced product. A new breeding cycle may have also just occurred, causing a large increase in baby cockroaches. Disturbing nesting areas in places such as cabinetry or furniture will also cause higher levels of activity.

How can I remove cockroaches from my kitchen?

Cockroach eradication can require various types of treatments. Surface sprays, dust and strategically places baits are all effect to some degree. However simply applying chemicals will often not be enough to totally eradicate cockroaches. A thorough inspection to find and fix nesting and harbourage sites is extremely important for a long term solution.

What kills cockroaches overnight?

Unfortunately, most cockroach issues cannot be solved overnight. Often DIY ‘bombs’ and surface sprays are used for a fast knockdown effect. These treatments are only very short-term solutions and will not totally eradicate cockroach populations. Baits will more than likely need to be used. Baits will lure cockroaches out of hiding places and help spread the treatment into nesting areas.