Darwin is home to some of Australia’s most viscous spiders. This makes the need for reliable spider pest control of critical importance.

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Why call Jim’s for your spider pest control?

Spiders in Darwin often like to seek refuge indoors, especially during the wet season here. While fatal cases are rare, there are many documented cases of bites casing serious health issues to victims.

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Spider pest control treatment

Your spider pest control treatment options

Your treatment options will vary deepening on what sort of spiders you are dealing with. Some spiders will spin webs in corners around your home. Others will have burrows in your garden and yard.

We often recommend incorporating your spider treatment with one of our general pest services. This means treating for cockroaches, ants etc at the same time. This can often be much more cost effective for you.

Our spider treatments will usually incorporated the use of:

  • Surface sprays
  • Dusting

Common spiders around Darwin

Northern Mouse Spiders

Northern Mouse Spiders are dark brown to black. Females are about 30mm in body length. Males are about 18mm with a distinctive white patch on the abdomen. These spiders are most active while mating at the start of the wet season. While no fatalities have been recorded, bites can be extremely painful and cause headaches and nausea.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders have very good eyesight, are extremely fast and are efficient hunters at night. They prey on crickets and cockroaches, as well as other spiders. While not regarded as dangerous, they can inflict a very painful bite if handled.

Barking Spiders

Barking Spiders are more common to Palmerston and rural areas. They have short dark brown hairs that give them a furry appearance. Foraging mainly at night, these spiders are well known to eat small birds and lizards. While not aggressive or venomous their bite can be painful.

Redback Spiders

Redback spiders are well known across Australia and common in parts of Darwin during the drier months. They can generally be found in undisturbed areas such as under eves, furniture, verandas and garden sheds. If bitten medical advice should be sort immediately.

First Aid for spider bites

It is important to remember that spiders will generally not bite unless threatened. However, if you are bitten, it is important to not panic, but seek medical advice immediately.

If possible, and safe to do so, it is very beneficial to collect the spider. The spider can then be identified which helps with more specific treatment.

Dangerous Redback Spider

Spider exterminator FAQs

How much does spider control cost?

Spider control around your home can vary anywhere from $99 for spot treatments up to $275 for full interior/exterior barrier sprays. It can often be more cost effective to incorporate your spider treatment with another service. This can mean having a full general pests treatment that will also cover other pest such as ants and cockroaches.

How do I spider-proof my house?

It can be quite difficult to spider proof your home given many species do not require areas to hide and breed. De-webbing cornices and furniture can help deter breeding. A good option is to powder roof cavities and have a barrier spray applied to deter entry. Fly screens are a great option to prevent access. These should be kept closed when possible and checked regularly for holes.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Most spiders can be killed by simply directly spraying with any common household bug spray. You should regularly check for eggs sacks in areas such as cabinetry and underneath furniture. Chemical applications and sticky pad traps to high traffic areas are often very effective. Minimising a spiders food source, such as other pests, will make your home less appealing.

How do you keep spiders away from my house?

Spider activity can be minimised by a combination of preventative treatments and simple home maintenance. Barrier sprays around the exterior of your home, furniture, cornice, and light fittings will deter entry. Treatments to your roof space and accessible wall cavities can often prove greatly beneficial. De-webbing high traffic areas and regular checks for egg sacks can help slow breeding.

What scent do spiders hate?

There are various scents that have shown some short-term effectiveness when used to deter spiders. When applied to high traffic areas, spiders often react to citrus fruits, vinegar, and cinnamon to varying degrees. While natural remedies can seem appealing, they will not have the same residual capabilities as species specific barrier sprays and powder treatments.

Does cinnamon repel spiders?

Some reports do state that strategically placed cinnamon quills can deter spiders when placed in the right high traffic areas. Its unlikely that they will deter spiders from your home completely but will make harbourage sites less appealing. Scents alone such as cinnamon candles have proven to be less effective.