Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin is your local expert and licenced possum catcher.

We have all aspects of the process covered. Starting from the trapping and safe release of the animal, to the important repairing of all entry points.

Our local Darwin technicians are fully insured, trained and have all the required NT Parks and Wildlife permits to legally catch and handle possums.

Contact our friendly staff today on 131546 and we will talk you through our possum trapping process.

The importance of using a competent possum catcher

We understand that a rowdy possum keeping you up at night might not enhance your love for the animal. However they are a protected species and strict guidelines need to be followed when handling the animal.

Only people with approved permits from NT Parks and Wildlife can legally trap and release your possums.

We have a great understanding of the habits and traits of the animal. We can easily recognise if the animal is stressed or unwell. We are continually working closely with our Darwin wildlife carers to ensure the safe handling and release of all our trapped possums.

Possum catcher Darwin

What is the possum trapping process?

As with all our services a thorough inspection is required to ensure we can gauge the exact extent of your issue.

Once we can confirm the unwanted guest is a possum we can tailor a trapping program to your needs.

Often we will place multiple traps in different areas of your roof. This is to ensure we can trap and release the possum or possums as quickly and safely as possible.

It is important to know that our trapping systems do not cause any harm to the animals. The health and well being of the possum is a high priority for us.

Noisy Possums

Fixing entry points is just as important

Possums are extremely territorial. Once released outside of your roof void you can be certain they will try to get back in.

This makes identifying all entry points a critical step in the process.

Possums need only a small hole to enter your home. Small gaps in flashings, eves, roof sheets or even unsealed service pipes provide easy access for them.

Darwin Possum Removal

The Jim’s Group satisfaction guarantee

At the Jim’s Group we pride ourselves on our customer service and client satisfaction.

Our trained, licensed and fully insured local technicians will turn up on time every time. Providing you with a premium service second to none.

We work hard to build ourselves a loyal client base. We want a satisfied client that returns time after time.