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We know how important and loved our four legged friends are. We have the safest and most reliable treatments on the market to keep them tick free.

Darwin’s tropical climate is the perfect breeding ground for the brown dog tick. Infestations are common, especially in the early stages of the wet season.

How a tick treatment for dogs works

We have a variety of treatment options available for you depending on your situation and requirements.

Most importantly, early identification and prompt action is strongly recommended. Heavy infestations can be significantly harder to contain. Such infestations may require multiple treatments to break the life cycle of the tick.

You can also help assist us with a successful treatment. We strongly recommend that on the day of the treatment you take your dog for a hydrobath. This will kill any active ticks and fleas still on the dog and help minimise the risk of the ticks returning.

We would also recommend that you consider talking to your vet in regards to suitable tick prevention medication for your dog.

Tick Treatment

Health risks associated with ticks

Darwin’s brown dog ticks have been known to carry parasites that affect red blood cells.

They feed on the blood of their hosts. A dog infested with the brown dog tick can suffer life threatening anemia, a direct result of low red blood cells.

Tick Treatment

Is the treatment harmful for dogs and other animals?

As with all our pest treatments, the health and well-being of our customers and their environment is our number one priority.

Our experienced, licensed and fully insured technicians know exactly what is required with each chemical application.

It may be required that you and your pet vacate your property for a period of time. This will all be explained to you in detail before the treatment is carried out.

What can you do to prevent ticks?

When it comes to ticks there are some simple steps you can take to help keep your pet safe:

  • Check your dog regularly
  • Wash your dog using an approved anti-tick shampoo
  • Consult your vet in regards to tick prevention medication for your animals
  • Keep excess yard vegetation to a minimum

Why use Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin for tick control?

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