Do you need help getting rid of possums from your roof void? Then look no further than Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin.

Possums are a nocturnal animal. If they have taken up residence in your roof void, they will be quietly sleeping during the day. however, come night time, your roof void may sound like a racetrack.

Having one or multiple possums living in your roof will eventually result in a large mess and unmistakable odour. And let’s not to mention the disruption to a solid night’s sleep for you and your family..

Jim’s Termite and Pest Control are your local Darwin experts in the safe relocation of possums. Contact us today on 131546 and our local technicians will happily talk you through our process.

Getting rid of possums; why use Jim’s?

Getting rid of possums is not always a straight forward process.

You will need to find and fix entry points. You’ll also need to adhere to strict NT Parks and Wildlife regulations in relation to the handling and releasing of the possum.

It is important to ensure you’re receiving competent advice on how to keep the possums out permanently.

At Jim’s, we take the handling and safety of the animal as a high priority. Any concerns over the wellbeing of a captured possum will always be referred to our animal welfare carer.

Getting rid of possums from your Darwin home

Did you know possums are a protected species?

All four species of possums found in the NT are protected.

The Northern Brush Tail is the most common in Darwin. It is the most likely to take up residence in your roof void or even shed.

Also occasionally found in urban areas are the Sugar Glider and Rock Ringtail.

Central Australia can also be home to the common Brush Tail Possum.

Noisy Possums

Who can trap and release possums?

Due to possums being a protected species in the NT, possums should not be touched or trapped without a permit.

These permits are granted on special application by NT Parks and Wildlife.

There are multiple strict guidelines that need to be adhered to in the process. These cover many aspects such as the location and time of day that possums can be released.

Fines can be issued for the improper or illegal trapping and handling of possums.

Darwin Possum Removal

Won’t the possum try to return once released?

Almost certainly, the answer is yes!

This makes two other steps in the process very important:

  • Finding and fixing all entry points to your roof void
  • The potential need to install other living spaces, such as possum boxes

Fixing all access and entry points into your roof is the only way you’ll be sure to permanently get rid of possums. This can be as simple as cutting back tress and foliage. It also includes patching any holes you may have in your roof tiles, flashings, eves etc.

We can easily help you locate and assess all areas of concern. Then we’ll either fix the issues ourselves or refer you to one of our trusted tradesman.