In no circumstance should you underestimate the need for safe and effective mice control.

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Mice can pose a serious health and safety risk to our Darwin homes and business’. They can spread numerous diseases through their droppings and urine. They cause thousands of dollars property damage in Northern Territory homes every day.

Health and safety; the importance of mice control

Rampant groups of mice, like rats, are responsible for the spread of many diseases. Each mouse can be known to leave about 50 droppings a day during its travels.

Their droppings and urine around kitchens can contaminate utensils and plates. This can lead to the transmitting of diseases such as;

  • Salmonella poisoning
  • Mild meningitis
  • Wells disease.

They have also been known to pass diseases onto humans via parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms.

Their constant gnawing can also have the potential to cause thousands of dollars property damage to your home.

Damage to household timbers and upholstery is very common. Chewing through electric cables and appliances is also well documented.

Chewing through your leads is dangerous and can result in expensive replacement costs, or even short circuits and devastating fires.

Mice Control Darwin

The signs you may need mice control in your home

There are often some obvious telltale indications that rodents are active in your home.

Droppings can be found around the areas they are most active. They can vary in shapes and size. Our experienced technicians will be able to identify them for you.

Noises will often be heard in your roof void. Rodents are nocturnal so these noises will be most prevalent during the night time.

Greasy smear marks can be seen around areas where they frequently travel. This is caused by their fur rubbing against surfaces.

Nests can be found made out of paper, leaves and rubbish.

They will also leave gnaw marks on a variety of surfaces around your home.

Our mouse control treatment methods

All our rodent treatments start with a thorough inspection of your home. Finding where the mice are most active can be critical to a successful eradication program.

On completion of this inspection we will be able to offer you a safe and effective treatment. This usually includes one of the following methods:

  • Baiting – This involves the strategic placement of lockable bait stations around your home. The baits can’t be removed from these stations, meaning non-targeted animals can’t be harmed.
  • Trapping – Sometimes baiting is not suitable. Alternatively an attractant is placed in multiple traps around your home. These traps are monitored on a regular basis.
  • Tracking powder – A powder spread onto areas where the rodents frequently travel.

Our mouse control treatment methods

If you have a rodent problem we always recommend you seek professional advice. There are however steps you can take to help reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Removing all possible food and water sources is important. Bins should be removed from your kitchen nightly. Leaving food out for pets can also be an attractant.

If the rodents are in your home then this means they must have an entry point. Finding and proofing these entry points can be just as important as the eradication program. This will obviously stop them coming back again.

We have a variety of proofing products that we can use to help you out in this area.

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