Can you hear scratching in your roof? Gnawing in the walls? Finding droppings in your pantry? Then it’s time to contact Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin, the experts in rat control in the Northern Territory.

Rats can pose a major health and safety to risk to your home or business. So don’t delay; contact us today on 131546 for expert rodent control advice.

The importance of rat control in your home

Rats are notorious for spreading disease through their droppings and urine. In addition, they spread disease via parasites such as intestinal worms and fleas.

The most notable being the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) which wiped out 25 million people during the 14th century. This plague bacterium started in rats and was passed onto humans via fleas.

They can ruin your stored food by either eating it or contaminating it via their droppings or urine. Rats will leave around 50 droppings a day around the areas they have traveled.

Rats can also cause substantial property damage to your home or business. Their constant gnawing causes damage to the likes of timbers and upholstery.

They can chew through electrical wires causing expensive replacement costs or even worse, devastating fires.

For these reason, rat removal from your home or commercial premises is a must.

What we can offer in terms of rat control treatment?

We have a variety of safe and pet friendly treatment options for you.

All our treatments start with a thorough inspection of the area in question. It is important to find where the rats are traveling and possibly nesting. This enables us to strategically place our method of control.

We have three main types of methods we use for rat control:

  • Baiting – this is our most popular method. We will place lockable bait stations around your home and property. The bait is secured inside the stations. This is important as non targeted animals cannot gain access into the stations.
  • Traps – in some situations baits cannot be used. In these situations we place traps in similar areas. These traps contain an attractant and are monitored on a regular basis.
  • Tracking powder – involves the laying of a powder down in the areas the rodents are traveling through. This again is done safely in an area that will not affect non targeted animals.

What you can do to help reduce rat activity

The extreme climate of Darwin means rats will often head for food and shelter in your home. There are however, certain measures you can take to help prevent an infestation.

You should always try and limit the amount of food and water available to rats. Remember to remove the contents of your bin every night. Leaving food out for your pets will also attract rodents.

Finding where the rats are entering your home is extremely important. It may be as simple as small gaps in your roof. Also check areas where services such as air conditioner pipes enter your home.

We can offer you advice in this area. We have many proofing products we use to stop the rats before they enter your home.

Rat Control Darwin