Do you have an unwanted party in your roof void? Do you need to get a firm possum removal cost? Then look no further than Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin.

Our possum experts are fully trained, insured and have all the relevant NT Parks and Wildlife permits to resolve your possum issue.

Possums may well be an iconic and protected Australian species, however they can be the cause of many sleepless nights.

The nocturnal animal may take up a sleepy residence in your roof during the day. During the night however, they may be making a huge mess. They can not only damage cabling and insulation but also leave an unmistakable odour that can be almost impossible to remove.

To discuss your possum eviction costs, contact Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin today on 131 546. Our friendly staff will be happy to explain your options to you.

Transparent possum removal cost

When dealing with animals you can never be exactly sure how things are going to pan out. However we understand your need to know up front what your possum removal cost will be.

That is why we will explain all your options and give you a firm quote before the job is started.

Every situation varies, from the number of entry points, to the amount of possum activity. However we can let you know the cost and approximate duration of the process.

As with all our services, we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

All homes and situations will vary greatly. So if we can’t offer a firm price over the phone, we can arrange a time to come inspect and evaluate your property.

We take our customer service very seriously. We want to make the process as simple and straight forward for you as possible.

Possum removal cost Darwin

Basic possum trapping from $220

Our basic service for possum trapping starts from $220. This service includes an initial site inspection, identification of entry points and overnight trapping.

However in most circumstances we would recommend trapping for multiple days. This is to ensure we have captured all possums and thoroughly resolve your issue.

Darwin’s harsh climate will regularly force possums to take shelter in your roof. It’s often quite possible we are not dealing with a single possum, but rather a large family.

Noisy Possums

Quotes on the repair of entry points

Locating and repairing possum entry points is just as important as trapping the possums.

Possums are extremely territorial and once released from your roof will certainly try to get back in.

We can locate and give you multiple options for the repairs of these entry points. We have multiple products varying in cost to suit everyone’s needs. If it’s something we can’t fix ourselves, we can recommend one of our trusted trades people that can resolve your issue.

Darwin Possum Removal