Are you struggling to get rid of ants outside your home? Jim’s Termite and Pest Control are the experts at stopping ants in their tracks and keeping them away longer.

People will often ignore the odd ant around the garbage bins or your outside pet bowls. This can however be an early sign that your yard is already infested.

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How to get rid of ants outside the easy way

Unfortunately there may not always be a quick fix for your outside ant issue.

DIY surface sprays may kill the visible ants. But unfortunately the ants will still have a nest containing an army of ants ready to invade another location.

Our experienced technicians will spend the time to locate all possible nests. We can then assess the infestation and tailor a treatment suited to the species and your needs.

Our treatments can include a variety of techniques including:

• Baits • Gels • Surface sprays • Dusts

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The importance of identifying ants outside your home

At Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin we realise that nest location and species identification is just as important as the treatment method used. Different ant species will have significantly varying habits and feeding preferences.

Our treatments always start with a thorough inspection. Observing the activities and feeding habits of the species involved will insure we can provide you with the quickest and safest treatment options.

While some treatments may work effectively on some ants, they may be extremely ineffective on others.

Early signs of ants taking over your yard

The behaviour of ants in your garden will vary as much as the species themselves.

Species such as the green tree ant will make small nests of leaves in shrubs and trees. They will travel from branch to branch to forage for small insects. They are generally harmless if left alone. However if disturbed they can inflict a painful sting.

Species like the Ginger ant will build nests in the ground particularly around rocks and pot plants. These ants generally prefer plant matter and will feed on grass and seedlings.

Wandering Ants

Why use Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin for your ant control?

Everybody loves to support a locally owned family business. The Jim’s brand is exactly this, a network of small business owners making up one of Australia’s most recognised brands.

We have technicians in every state and territory across Australia. Meaning we are dealing with a wide variety of pests on a daily bases.

We are always trialling new methods and products, ensuring that you will always get the safest and most effect treatments available.

Fully insured and police checked, you can count on us every time to get your job done.

We even guarantee all of our services by offering some of the most competitive warranty periods in the industry.

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