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Fleas need blood and will feed on humans, but more frequently our pets. Their biting and sucking will leave marks and in some cases can cause severe skin irritations and allergic reactions.

In a warm and humid climate, such as Darwin, they will populate and spread extremely quickly. This highlights the need for an effective treatment program to break the breeding cycle.

What does flea treatment involve?

We will start your flea control treatment with a thorough inspection of your yard and home. It’s important that we locate as many possible harbourage sites as possible.

From there we have a variety of chemical applications options available.

We will most certainly need a thorough treatment of your yard. This will focus on the areas where your pet likes to rest and sleep. All outdoor future and garden areas will need to be treated.

Internally we will focus on all areas that the fleas may harbour eggs. Including:

• Furniture • Rugs • Carpets • Cracks and crevices

Flea Treatment

What you can do to insure a successful treatment?

It is important that you thoroughly clean all floor areas. This means sweeping and washing hard floors, as well as vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets.

Any areas that may harbour fleas or their eggs also need attention. Including upholstered furniture, floor rugs, and areas where pets sleep or rest.

Having a tick and flea treatment done on your pet is also essential. This may involve a hydro bath, and a recommended treatment from your vet.

It is recommended that all of the above should be carried out on a regular basis, not just at the time of treatment. This general hygiene and maintenance insures that there will less likely be a re-infestation down the track.

Why are fleas so hard to control?

Given the right environment, fleas will breed and spread extremely quickly.

The adult female lays up to 8 eggs after each blood feed, and several hundred over her lifetime. The eggs are usually laid on the host, but can fall off in any areas visited. This is why a high concentration of eggs is associated with areas of rest and sleep.

Eggs will hatch quickly, usually within 2 to 14 days. Within as little as 18 days, these fleas may be producing eggs again.

Adults can live up to 500 days, and can go periods of up to 4 months without food.

Is the chemical treatment safe for pets?

As with all our pest control treatments, we take an environmentally friendly approach that is safe for you and your animals.

We believe in applying less chemical in more targeted areas.

This means that we are not only spraying fewer chemicals into the environment, but we are doing it in a more cost effective manor for our clients.

Biting Fleas