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Maggots can be a terribly frustrating issue. Even after endless cleaning and DIY spraying they can continually reappear for days on end.

Professional advice and treatment can often prove the only solution to the situation.

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How to kill maggots and what kills them?

The first step with a maggot treatment is to inspect and locate all infested areas.

From there we have a variety of surface sprays and dusts that can be used. How and which product is best suited will depend on the varying situations.

Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the area after treatment can prove critical to prevent re-infestation.

How to kill maggots is an important process with any infestation. It’s also important to locate the cause of the problem and remove or rectify the source.

How To Kill Maggots in Darwin

What is a maggot?

A maggot is the larva of the common fly such as houseflies. This basically means the second life stage of a fly after the egg has hatched.

They are commonly found around the home in areas such as bins where there are high levels of deteriorating food.  They are also commonly found feeding on dead animals and animal faeces.

These areas are popular locations for flies to lay eggs due to the high feeding potential for the maggots.

Flies can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. In the right conditions it can take only a matter of hours for these to hatch into maggots.

They can vary in size from 8-15mm. They are a worm like figures and generally appear as a creamy off-white colour. Maggots will take around 14 days to develop into flies.

How can I prevent maggots?

The easiest way to prevent an infestation of maggots in your home is to limit the attractants to flies.

These simple measures can include:

  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Consider having fly screens installed
  • Empty bins on a regular basis
  • Freeze waste items like chicken carcass’ and fish frames until bin collection day
  • Prevent leaving uneaten pet food out for extended periods of time
  • Store food in air tight containers
  • Clean up food spills promptly
  • Keep compost bins covered
  • Clean up and remove animal faeces from around the home

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