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At Jim’s Pest Control Darwin, we understand the sorts of damage pests can do to your home.

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Why do you need residential pest control?

Whether it’s the risk of extensive property damage from termites or the annoyance of crawling insects, Jim’s is here to quickly and effectively eradicate any pest problem you might have.

We also understand that it’s necessary to use preventative measures where possible, to stop pests re-entering your home and ensure its long-term protection.

As your pest control residential experts, Jim’s have been providing local families and homeowners with safe and effective pest control for decades. You can be rest-assured that Jim’s have the knowledge and expertise to effectively remove any pests that find their way into your home – and keep them out.

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We offer a full range of residential pest control services…

General Pest Inspections

Pests of all shapes and sizes have the ability to find their way into your home and often do so unnoticed. This gives them the opportunity to infest and spread throughout it, causing increasing damage over time.

Don’t give pests a chance. We do regular general pest inspections, so you can have peace of mind that your home is a clean and safe environment for your family.

End of Lease Residential Pest Control Services – Tick & Flea Treatment

We all love our adorable pets, and they too can become the target for household pests. Pests like ticks and fleas can inhabit your furry friends causing irritation and potential harm. These pests get spread around your home as your pets move throughout it, overtime potentially becoming a problem.

Due to the infiltrative nature of these pests, end of lease tick and flea treatment is compulsory for renters with pets

We offer easy, hassle-free end of lease services for renters. We begin with a thorough inspection of the property before using a variety of methods to treat the different surfaces of your home and surrounding property. These include insecticidal powder for your roof void, subfloor and wall cavities, and surface sprays that we sometimes use on parts of your home’s perimeter.

Cockroach Control

Our homes provide us and our families with water, warmth and shelter. Unfortunately, they can also provide pests like cockroaches with these same necessities and become a great target for these critters.

While some pests make themselves known, cockroaches tend to inhabit the dark dusty crevices of your home where they can find food. If you see a cockroach in an open area of your home – it is likely you have an infestation.

At Jim’s we know how to control cockroaches in your home and on the surrounding property, and will give you advice to prevent future problems. We offer a guaranteed cockroach control program where we:

  • Inspect your home and surrounding property
  • Bait the affected areas with a chemical that is licenced and formulated specifically for cockroach control. This is placed in out of reach places and is entirely safe for you, your children and your pets.
  • Dust your roof void, subfloor and wall cavities with an eco-friendly insecticide
  • Spray the surfaces of your home’s perimeter with special insecticide that is again licenced and formulated to control cockroaches and be safe for your family

Ant Control

Like cockroaches, ants love our homes as they provide them with necessities like food and water and shelter. They will infest your roof void and subfloors but will become most obvious when they venture towards food sources in your kitchen or pet bowls.

Ants can spread disease and carry and irritating bite, but mostly they’re just a nuisance.

Luckily we’re here to help, using an Inspect, Bait, and Spray process to eradicate your home from ants and make sure they don’t come back.


Rats and mice love to inhabit our homes, especially in our extreme climate. They are particularly bad for spreading diseases from parasites and can even cause serious property damage by chewing through skirting boards, doors and upholstery.

Rodent problems are usually easy to notice – you may hear the squeaky sound of rats and mice or notice their droppings somewhere in your home. In some cases, what people think is a possum in their roof turns out to be some very loud rats!

At Jim’s we know how to deal with rodents and provide a guaranteed program where we utilise bait, traps and in some cases tracking powder for rat control and mice control.

Possum Removal

These particular crafty creatures love to inhabit the roofs of our homes. While they’re there they may chew through wiring or insulation and have the potential to cause real and lasting damage if unaddressed. These pests are known to be very loud as well, especially in the middle of the night!

Possums are highly territorial and once we remove them they be released within 50m of the structure. Because of this, we will patch up your roof to make sure they can’t return to their old home.

Silverfish Control

If you need safe and reliable silverfish control and extermination in Darwin and surrounding suburbs, look no further than Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin.

Spider Pest Control

Darwin is home to some of Australia’s most viscous spiders. This makes the need for reliable and effective spider pest control important to us at Jim’s Termite and Pest Control.

Spiders often like to seek refuge indoors, especially during the Darwin wet season. While fatal cases are rare, there are many documented cases of bites casing serious health issues to victims.

Bed Bugs

They won’t cause expensive property damage but bed bugs are quite a nuisance, infesting areas near humans to feed on their blood.

At Jim’s we are highly proficient at removing bed bugs, allowing you and your family to get back to sleeping soundly in no time. We utilise safe insecticide products and as with all our residential pest control services, advise you on steps to take to make sure you don’t get them again in the future.

Wasp Nest Removal

If you’re after effective and safe wasp nest removal, look no further than Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin. Wasps can be extremely aggressive if disturbed. Stings can cause extreme pain, or worse, life threatening anaphylaxis.

Do you need reliable residential pest control?

The locals of Darwin know they can trust Jim’s to effectively handle any residential pest problem.

Our local technician David is experienced, fully trained, and insured to remove pests and install effective prevention measures. He prides himself on providing reliable customer service and honest professional advice.

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