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The city of Palmerston is a fast growing regional hub with a diverse community and wide range of facilities. With picturesque scenery, a water park and a recently renovated skate park, Palmerston presents the ideal place for young growing families to call home.

While it’s hard to miss Palmerston’s wide range of activities on display, it’s the activity of the pests in your home or business that might go unnoticed. Termites are the worst for this and are frequently the culprits of tens of thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Whether you need to have pests like termites, rats or cockroaches removed, or to set up preventative measures to protect your home, we have the knowledge and the experience to get you sorted.

Palmerston locals know they can rely on Jim’s Pest Control to quickly and effectively handle any pest issues that arise, providing good quality service and honest advice.

We offer both preventative and maintenance work for a large range of Palmerston pests, and we will nearly always come to your place to inspect the issue and quote it first, so you can decide on the best course of action.

Our dedicated technician David is fully qualified and highly knowledgeable from his training and experience on the job. He leverages this knowledge to provide a service that is both efficient and reliable, giving our clients peace of mind every time.

From possums to bed bugs

At Jim’s Pest Control Palmerston, we treat all pests great and small. From messy marsupials like rats and possums, to creepy crawlies like spiders and cockroaches, we’ve got your pesky pest issues covered.

While they won’t cause expensive property damage like termites, bed bugs are a serious nuisance. They are hard to detect and infest areas near humans to feed on their blood. They won’t cause serious harm but provide a less than pleasant experience to say the least. We know how to remove bed bugs quickly and effectively, so you can get back to sleeping soundly in no time. As with all our services, we will also give you preventative advice to help keep you safe in the future.

Your reliable pest control expert

David Baines has a reputation among locals for being one of Palmerston’s most reliable pest control technicians. Fast to get back to any enquiry, he’s always there when he says he will be, and follows up after every visit to make sure the treatment is working as it’s supposed to.

Pests can…

Inflict Bites & Stings

Destroy Timber

Spread Disease

Damage food

Infest Bedding, Carpets, Clothes

Make unsightly mess

+ more

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