Bed bug treatment is more important than ever in Darwin. These tiny bugs have become more prevalent in our city and suburbs, as well as worldwide in recent years.

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Treatment of Bed Bugs

They have started to build up immunity to a lot of chemicals on the market today. This highlights the importance of choosing a reputable company like Jim’s Termite and Pest Control for your bed bug treatment services.

Bed bugs will predominately live and breed in the sleeping areas of your home. However, they can be found hiding practically anywhere including light switches, behind picture frames or any crack and crevice.

They are nocturnal pests, which means they will come out at night, feeding on your blood while you sleep. Bites will leave marks on your body, which can cause swelling and skin irritations. They can even cause allergic reactions in some people.

Bed Bug Treatment

What does bed bug treatment involve?

Possibly the most critical stage of a bed bug treatment can be the initial inspection. Thoroughly treating sleeping areas is not enough. Every possible hiding place needs to be found.

We need to be sure that all active areas are treated so that the bed bugs cannot reappear a few months down the track.

Once all harbourage areas are known we have a variety of chemical applications we use.

We highly recommended the use of zip locked mattress protectors after our treatment. We have a wide range that we are happy to organise for you.

The rapid spread between locations

Although often assumed, bed bug infestations are certainly not limited to premises of poor hygiene.

They are easily dispersed by humans via furniture, clothing and luggage. This enables them to find hiding places and suitable hosts to set up an infestation in even the cleanest of locations.

Once located in one area of your home, they will be easily transported to other rooms very quickly.

Bed Bug Bites

A costly pest to the hotel industry

Being notable hitchhikers has made them a serious pest to the hotel industry.

An infestation in a single hotel room can mean large amounts of lost revenue during treatment times. Not to mention the harm it can do to the hotels reputation.

At Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin, we understand the need for prompt and effect treatment for your business. Our local technicians are available 7 days a week.

We are very flexible and will fit in with your business hours.

What you can do to insure a successful treatment?

As a client, you have an important part to play when it comes to bed bug control in your home.

You will need to wash all of your bedding and clothing in hot water. Vacuuming all areas of your home, including carpets, rugs, furnishings and even hard flooring is essential. Steam cleaning of certain areas may be required.

It may be necessary to disassemble furniture where required. This makes it easier for us to assess and treat as many harbourages as possible.