People often confuse pest and building inspections. Although they are regarded as similar, they are actually two very different reports. You should always be sure exactly what you require and what you are paying for.

At Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Darwin our local technicians have the experience to talk you through what can be vastly different services, with varying prices.

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What is the difference between pest and building inspections?

Pest Inspections

Our pest inspections generally come in three standard formats; general pest inspections, termite inspections and pre purchase timber pest inspections.

Termite Inspections are recommended at least annually as per Australian standard AS3660. This is a visual inspection of your home. It will locate and inform you of aspects such as;

  • Termite activity in you home and yard
  • Previous termite damage
  • Areas of high risk
  • Risk management options
  • Conducive conditions
  • Provide free quotes on termite treatments and prevention systems.

All our termite inspections come with a full written report. This report will detail all the above mentioned aspects. The report will make it as straight forward as possible for you to comprehend the state of your home.

General Pest Inspections will be carried out prior to any of our targeted or general pest treatments. This is to identify which species of pest are an issue along with locating all high risk areas, as well as nesting and harbouring sites.

Locating these areas are as critical a part of the treatment as the chemical application itself. It enables us to apply minimal chemical to the high risk areas. Making our treatments as safe, and environmentally friendly as possible.

Building And Pest Inspections

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage every year. Having a pre purchase inspection done at the time of sale could prove critical to whether your purchase is worth the money you’re about to spend.

As well as covering the many aspects of termite inspections, pre purchase inspections will also inform you of areas of timber pest activity. Reporting on the likes of borers and fungal decay.

Our local Darwin technicians will go above and beyond, helping you make the most informed decision regarding your purchase.

Building inspections

Unlike pest inspections, building inspections purely evaluate the structural and cosmetic integrity of your home.

They will look for any defects in the home that could potentially end in expensive repair costs.

Many companies will offer both building and timber pest inspections. We would strongly recommend you evaluate the companies experience in both fields.

When purchasing a new property this is especially important. You need to be certain your inspector has the experience to hand you the most qualified and informed report.

When would I require both a building and pest inspection?

You would more than likely require both a building and pest inspection when purchasing a new home, although this is certainly not compulsory.

It can however be extremely important to get a professional opinion on the state of the property, as this information can be very beneficial before committing to a purchase agreement.

You should be informed of high risk and potential issues with your new home, as this could potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repair costs.