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There are an overwhelming range of products and termite treatments to choose from. Getting the right professional advice may just be your most important decision.

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Why it’s important to know the details of your termite treatment cost

Knowing exactly what you are getting for your money should always be explained in-depth to you.

Chemicals can vary largely in price. In regards to termite barriers, some soil application chemicals can last up to eight years. While some other chemicals may be significantly cheaper, but may need to be retreated after just two years.

Choosing the cheapest quote is often not the best option. It can often cost you a lot more money in additional treatments down the track.

Termite Treatment Cost Darwin

What are your treatment options?

Your treatment options can vary largely depending on what exactly you need done.

You may need direct treatment to active termites found in your home or yard. These treatments may include:

  • Dusting
  • Foaming
  • Drill and injecting
  • Baiting

Choosing which of the above may depend on the location of the termites and the species we are dealing with. Species identification by an experience technician can be critical.

If it’s the installation of a termite barrier to protect your home that you’re after, again you have varying options.

These barriers can include physical barriers and chemical barriers.

Chemical barriers involve the installation of a termiticide treated zone to the soil around the perimeter and foundations of your home. These barriers can include:

  • Drill and injecting chemical under concrete areas
  • Trenching and flooding the soil areas around your home
  • The installation of a termite replenishment system, which floods chemical into the soil via a pipe

Physical Barriers involve the installation of a physical zone that termites cannot penetrate. This often uses plastic sheeting impregnated with termiticides.

Prices can vary quite significantly on these treatments. We will happily sit down with you and discuss the pros and cons of all your options. Finding a treatment that suits your home and budget is important to us.

Pricing FAQs

How much is a local termite treatment?

Termite treatment costs can vary depending on the actual service required. A visual termite inspection of your home and property, including a basic treatment to the yard, will start at around $220. Barrier treatments around your home will range from $550 up to $3500. Barrier termite treatments, include recharging of replenishment systems, baiting systems, drill and injects. These are great ways to provide long term protection to your home.

Is it worth getting termite treatment?

Termites cause millions of dollars damage every year to Australian homes. If left untreated, the damage done to a home can leave them uninhabitable and beyond repair. Termite barriers that can be easily installed can protect your home from termite infestations for years. It’s important to remember that termite damage is not covered under standard home insurance.

How much does termite treatment cost Australia?

Termite treatments in Australia can range from $220 up to $3500 depending on the service. A basic termite inspection cost will start at around $220. Soil (barrier) treatments will vary depending on the chemical used and the method of installation. Chemicals will vary in price as well as the length of time they will stay active in the soil. It’s important to discuss these differences with a professional and tailor a treatment suited to your budget and requirements.

Can I do a termite treatment myself?

There are many DIY termite products available on the market today. However identifying the species of termite, finding the location of the nest and knowing how these termites react to different chemicals is critical for a successful treatment. Quite often treatments will require the use of specialised equipment. It’s always strongly advised that you speak to a professional before disturbing or attempting to treat termites yourself.

Are termite barriers worth it?

Although termite barrier treatments can seem expensive, it’s important to factor in the potential cost of termite damage to your home. A barrier that cost $1500 to install may save you a repair bill in the hundreds of thousands. When it comes to the protection of your most prized asset, the cheapest options are almost certainly not the best ones. You should always seek professional advice and understand any product or service you are paying for.

Why is termite treatment so expensive?

There are many aspects of a termite treatment that can add to the cost. Treatments may first require visual inspections that can take multiple hours to conduct thoroughly. Expensive specialised equipment is often required to locate and treat termites. Often hundreds even thousands of litres of chemical are also required to ensure a complete protective barrier is installed around your home.

Our very impressive termite warranty periods

All our Darwin technicians are fully licensed and qualified. We have accreditations with most of the chemical and termite systems available on the market.

This enables us to offer very impressive warranty periods on our services.

Termite damage is not covered by your standard home insurance. Knowing that you are getting extended warranty periods should be a very important factor when choosing a pest company.

Don’t risk paying over-the-top prices for a sub standard termite treatment. Let us supply you with a free quote today.

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